Gold mining, Boulder Creek, BC

Probably my last visit at the Wild Horse River in East Kootenay (BC) in 2015. I’ve visited Steeve’s claim, active mining operation called Nip&Tuck gold mine on Boulder Creek. He’s doing pretty good there, living fairly off the grid with his doggy and piano. He’s finding some nice gold nuggets. The biggest one he found this year had cca 64 g in weight. In two days we found by our hand tools and his sluice few nuggets around 1 g and the biggest one had 2.39 g.
Thanks to Steve for letting us work with him and having a great digging time in the wilderness of East Kootenay mountains.

Photos here.

Other photos are from the Slavko’s place in SW Calgary, where our friends live. We took his huge poplar and spruce down. Donald Ray Johnson blues band plays on my tiny little birthday party in the Mikey’s Pub :-)

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